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Weed Control For Pristine Baton Rouge Lawns

Weed Control

The landscape care pros at Blooms Plant Care offer effective, natural weed control methods to promote a healthy lawn for your Baton Rouge property. Several factors can contribute to weed problems - overwatering, poor root structure, and unhealthy soil can all play a role - but our weed control experts have the knowledge and eco-friendly products to promote healthy turf growth and keep weeds at bay.

Blooms Plant Care offers natural organic weed control and lawn care for Baton Rouge and neighboring communities in East Baton Rouge, Ascension, and St. Tammany Parishes. Our certified professional technicians are dependable and reliable, and your 100% satisfaction is always guaranteed at Blooms Plant Care.

Professional Weed Management

The pros at Blooms Plant Care have the expertise and knowledge to provide you with a long-term maintenance plan with a multi-faceted approach to weed management. At Blooms Plant Care, we focus on soil biology and using natural non-toxic methods like aeration that create healthy soil systems to promote the growth of your turf and deter weeds.

A few of the weed control tips we recommend to our Baton Rouge area customers include:

  • Implementing a soil testing program to ensure proper pH levels and nutrient balance
  • Practice proper watering techniques - overwatering creates optimum conditions for weed growth
  • Incorporate organic matter into your soil to support a healthy eco-system
  • Practice good mowing habits to prevent the spread of weeds
  • Understand how soil biology affects your lawn

At Blooms Plant Care, we employ a combination of cultural, physical, and biological controls to address your weed control issue. To request a quote for weed control and other lawn care services, give us a call today.

Is Too Much Water Encouraging Your Weed Growth

Overwatering is a common problem for Baton Rouge area homeowners, and can lead to stunted root growth and suffocation of your grass. While an overwatered lawn is not ideal for growing healthy grass, it may be the optimum condition for weeds like smooth crabgrass or yellow nutsedge to thrive.

If you see a lot of weeds moving in and starting to take over your Baton Rouge lawn, it could mean you're going a little heavy on the watering. Your lawn is always trying to tell you something, here's how it may tell you that you're overwatering:

  • Heavy water runoff
  • Spongey or squishy turf
  • Weed growth
  • Fungal growth
  • Thatch buildup
  • Insect infestations

What is your lawn saying to you? Call Blooms Plant Care and let us evaluate your Baton Rouge area lawn and develop a long-term care plan to promote the growth of healthy turf and deter weeds.

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