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   THANKS for checking us out! Are you looking for an alternative solution for plant health care than using chemicals? A better way to produce healthier & greener trees, shrubs and grass? You've come to the right place, because we have only one service focus and our name says it!  Blooms Plant Care - we are a dedicated organic fertilization company focused on growing healthier trees and shrubs period! We focus heavily on soil biology because roots need health soil to reach there full potential. We are not a do it all big box company! We service our customers with a laser like focus on our core business PHC [plant health care].


We embrace technology by integrating systems to operate within, first we use proprietary software that will measure to the square foot the size of a property and will allow us to provide an exact quote, second we use the very best of equipment and products so we can deliver what we promise with no excuses. And the final ingredients are knowledge and know how to ALWAYS deliver our service with integrity and give honest advise to our customers.

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