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About Blooms Plant Care - A Baton Rouge Lawn Care Contractor You Can Depend On


Are you looking for a Baton Rouge lawn care contractor offering alternatives to using harsh chemicals? Would you like a better way to produce healthier and greener trees, shrubs, and grass?

You've come to the right place! At Blooms Plant Care, we have only one service focus - and our name says it all. Blooms Plant Care is a dedicated lawn care contractor and organic fertilization company focused on growing healthier trees and shrubs, period.

At Blooms Plant Care, we focus heavily on the science of soil biology, which refers to the diverse community of living organisms found in soil. The roots of your landscaping plants and trees need healthy soil to reach their full potential. Our knowledgeable professionals have the expertise to reduce the need and usage of chemical fertilizers on your Baton Rouge lawn.

Blooms Plant Care is not a big box company! We're a local lawn care contractor who lives where you do, and we service our customers with a laser-like focus on our core business of plant health care (PHC) that's natural and organic.

Why Choose Blooms Plant Care As Your Lawn Care Contractor?

At Blooms Plant Care, we're committed to providing a natural alternative way to grow and care for your property's landscaping and lawn. We're the Baton Rouge lawn care contractor that you can trust to help you find quality solutions for your lawn, trees, and landscaping plants.

Why should you consider Blooms Plant Care as your go-to lawn care contractor?

  • Proprietary Software - We use proprietary software that will measure to the square foot the size of a property and will allow us to provide an exact quote to our customers.
  • Tools Of The Trade - We use the very best lawn care equipment and products so we can deliver what we promise with no excuses.
  • Organic Products - The natural and organic products that we use are family friendly, pet friendly, and safe for our Baton Rouge environment.
  • Expert Knowledge - Our certified professional technicians have the expert knowledge and know-how to ALWAYS deliver our services with integrity while providing honest advice to our customers.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - With our dependable and reliable service, your complete satisfaction with our services and products is always our number one goal.

Blooms Plant Care offers a broad range of quality services in the Baton Rouge area, including weed control, landscape fertilization, fire ant control, and tree fertilization. To find out more about our services, or to request a quote for your property in East Baton Rouge, Ascension, or St. Tammany Parishes, give the pros at Blooms Plant Care a call today!

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