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Baton Rouge's Premier Landscape Care

Have you been looking for an alternative to using harsh and dangerous chemicals for your Baton Rouge landscape care? Blooms Plant Care offers natural and organic solutions for lawn care and landscape care that are completely safe for your family and pets - and our Baton Rouge environment.

At Blooms Plant Care, our skilled specialists are certified professional technicians with the technology, scientific knowledge, and high-quality organic products to provide your Baton Rouge property with healthy soil to help your turf, shrubs, plants, and trees reach their full potential. Check out a few of our services, then contact s to request a quote for landscape care in East Baton Rouge, Ascension, and St. Tammany Parishes.

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Lawn Care

When it comes to natural lawn care for Baton Rouge properties, our goal at Blooms Plant Care is to reduce the number of harsh chemicals used by creating better soil - which promotes thicker, healthier turf. Our lawn care company focuses on soil biology that leads […]

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Lawn aeration is a natural way to improve your Baton Rouge lawn's soil structure, root growth, and water absorption by using specially-designed equipment to create small holes in your soil. Lawn aeration increases the fertility of your soil, reduces the buildup of dead organic material on […]

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At Blooms Plant Care, we offer expert landscape care and landscape fertilization methods for your Baton Rouge property using organically-derived fertilizer blends that produce exceptional results. Organic fertilizers stimulate beneficial soil microorganisms that improve the structure of the soil - unlike chemical fertilizers, which contaminate our […]

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Weed Control

The landscape care pros at Blooms Plant Care offer effective, natural weed control methods to promote a healthy lawn for your Baton Rouge property. Several factors can contribute to weed problems - overwatering, poor root structure, and unhealthy soil can all play a role - […]

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Tree Fertilization

Your Baton Rouge trees need proper nutrition to grow and thrive, and balanced tree fertilization from the pros at Blooms Plant Care can make all the difference in producing strong and healthy trees. Tree fertilization not only promotes exceptional root growth, it also helps your trees […]

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Fire Ant Control

Blooms Plant Care utilizes an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach in an effort to provide safe and natural fire ant control solutions for your Baton Rouge property. By identifying cultural, biological, and physical control methods, IPM fire ant control emphasizes the use of non-toxic methods first […]

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