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Holding Plant

Great lawns, start with great soil!

How Is Healthy Soil Built?

 Healthy soil is built primarily through the interaction of roots and microbes. The organic matter that we leave on top of the ground.


So, what are soil microbes? Soil microbes consist of bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, algae, protozoa and nematodes. All these microbes are important for building soil health. 

For example, bacteria break down organic matter, induce plant rooting, convert nutrients and fight other microbes. Fungi are voracious degraders, they recycle nutrients back to the plant, and eat other microbes. Some of the larger microbes, like protozoa and nematodes, live near the root zone and consume other microbes. 


When microbes are in balance, they function like a fine-tuned engine to support the plant, and build soil health. But when the microbes are out of balance, that engine doesn’t work as well and at times can work against the plant.

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