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Fire Ant Control


  Red Fire Ants are also known to attack animals that intrude on their nests. Besides attacking people and animals they can also cause damage to plants, buildings, air-conditioning units, and telephone wires. The reason is not clear, but fire ants seem to be attracted to electrical currents, and they cause damage by nesting in places such as electrical junction boxes. There are two kinds of Red Imported Fire Ants; the single-queen and multiple-queen types.

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Fire Ant Control

Broadcast Fire Ant Bait: The broadcasting method is the first step. Broadcast a fire ant bait over the entire area. We recommend treating at a couple times a year during the warm months. This will solve 80-90 percent of your fire ant infestation. If there are still troublesome mounds, treat the individual mounds.


Treat Individual Mounds:
Treating the mounds individually, without doing a broadcast treatment for the whole yard first may be a uphill battle.

  • You can use the drench method of a liquid insecticide poured into the mound; make sure that the whole mound is treated. Pour enough volume of the liquid insecticide into the mound to kill the queens.

  • Use Fire Ant Baits around each mound (not on top)

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