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Organic vs chemical fertilizers?

There's no doubt that reducing the need and usage of chemical fertilizers on your lawn would be a good thing! And with today's organic fertilizer blends, it's must easier to still achieve the beautiful lawn you desire.

Organically derived - fertilizers stimulate beneficial soil microorganisms and improve the structure of the soil. ... Organically derived fertilizers typically have a lower NPK analysis (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) than synthetics fertilizers, but they feed plants for a much longer period of time.

Chemical Fertilizer - chemical fertilizers are not eco-friendly. For one thing, it’s made from petroleum products, which are not sustainable. In addition, chemical fertilizer can leaches into water sources. But the mine reason we use organic blends is because synthetic fertilizers do not improve soil structure!

While chemical fertilizers support plant growth, they do nothing when it comes to improving the soil structure. Chemical fertilizers won’t enhance the soil’s health nor will it support the life within the garden because these products do not contain organic matter.

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