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Fire Ant Control For Baton Rouge Using Integrated Pest Management Solutions

Fire Ant Control For Baton Rouge Using Integrated Pest Management Solutions

A comprehensive approach to fire ant control involves more than just spraying ant mounds with pesticides. Using synthetic chemical fire ant control products is not only harmful to our Baton Rouge area waterways, but it only serves as a temporary solution to what is otherwise a very complex problem. Just when you think your fire ant problems are under control, another mound can pop up right in the middle of your lawn.

For tackling fire ant control systematically, more Baton Rouge lawn care professionals are turning to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as a long-term solution. IPM is a sustainable method of fire ant control that makes your Baton Rouge lawn a less-desirable habitat for pests by removing energy sources and shelters and improving the health of your lawn.

Control Is The Key

A lawn care professional can evaluate your Baton Rouge lawn and help you determine the type of action you're looking for when it comes to pest control. They'll talk with you about different control methods for dealing with your fire ant control issues:

  • Biological control involves introducing common predators and natural enemies to your lawn by installing bird feeders, applying bacteria, relating nematodes (microscopic worms), or applying natural pheromones to your yard.
  • Cultural control is all about getting to know your lawn, and includes proper watering, checking pH levels, balancing your nutrients, and lawn aeration.
  • Physical control is the manual removal or exclusion of pests from your lawn by eliminating water sources, food sources, shelters, or the actual pests themselves.
  • Monitoring by your lawn care professional is a crucial step when it comes to IPM because it allows the to evaluate the way your fire ant control methods are working by checking the soil, using specialized tools, or setting traps to monitor pest activity.
  • Chemical control is a last resort when it comes to natural lawn care and fire ant control, but with the other controls in place, chemicals can be used in smaller quantities and for a shorter amount of time to lessen environmental impact.

A Trusted Baton Rouge Fire Ant Control & Lawn Care Specialist

Blooms Plant Care is the trusted lawn care specialist serving Baton Rouge and the neighboring communities in Ascension & St. Tammany Parishes. We offer a broad range of organic and natural lawn care solutions that include:

  • Lawn Aeration
  • Fire Ant Control
  • Lawn Care
  • Tree Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Shrub & Bush Fertilization

Our natural lawn care services can improve the health of your landscaping without the use of harmful chemicals that can damage our Baton Rouge area waterways. To request services, give the pros at Blooms Plant Care a call today at 225-788-8200.

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